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Yesterday, I was looking in the mirror and saw a pimple developing on the side of my face. I guess I’m going to have acne again. Sigh…I forgot to tell you, I’m 26 years old and…I still get acne. Here’s the cream that I use for my acne. TAZORAC. 1 tube can last me 3 years

This drug is APPROVED by the FDA to help with acne, dark spots, and wrinkles. YES you read that right, this drug is APPROVED by the U.S. government to help with wrinkles! Tazorac has gone through clinical studies, so the conclusion is pretty convincing. I admit that it’s an incredibly expensive drug but this drug works so darn well.

You need a prescription to get Tazorac and it costs $400 without insurance. If you think about it though, 1 tube ($400) last me for 3 years. That’s $130 a year. $130/year to delay the aging process of your skin and to keep your skin pretty and clean is really not a bad deal.

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